Hewitt's Tractor Services (1992) Ltd
03 4181348 118 Clyde Street, Balclutha 9230


All your hydraulic needs are sorted at Hewitt's Tractor Services.

Some causes of a hydraulic system failure on your farm machinery are -

  • oil leaks
  • dirty or clogged filter
  • worn or dirty pump
  • worn or blown seals
  • broken pump drive
  • bent ram
  • damaged/blown hydraulic hose


Today's advanced hydraulic systems allow the machine operator to perform many functions for faster production.

Hewitt's stocks all your hydraulic needs including oils, hoses, adapters, fittings, so your machinery continues to operate without hassle.

Hewitt's also has access to a large range of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and cylinders.

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